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Meet Justine Ma, the chef/owner of Farm to Table Hawaii, a one-acre culinary haven that offers farm stays, cooking classes, holistic wellness workshops, and gourmet meals on the Big Island of Hawaii.


As seen on Food Network, Chef Justine has captured the attention of millions with her award winning dumplings and pastas. She is renowned for her expertise in small batch from scratch recipes, and emphasizes the importance of sourcing, and utilizing sustainable, locally grown ingredients. Her approach to food is deeply rooted in the belief that by consuming consciously, we can positively impact our community, environment, and overall well-being. 

Empowering Food Choices

Every dish crafted by Chef Justine is a deliberate choice to support local farmers, fishermen, butchers and hunters to reduce the amount of invasive species and our carbon footprint. By savoring each meal, you are contributing to the preservation of our land, water, and ecosystems.

Locally Sourced, Minimum Impact

Chef Justine's commitment to sourcing ingredients locally minimizes land use and supports sustainable agricultural practices including no seed oils. This conscious approach ensures that every meal has minimal environmental impact where the food chain results in zero waste.

Water Conservation

On the farm, we harvest fresh Hawaiian water by well for our meals, and we use rainwater to feed the plants and animals on the farm to maximize and promote responsible water usage.

Environmental Stewardship

As caretaker of her one acre farm in Hawaii, Chef Justine has planted hundreds of veggies, flowers, and fruit trees on her acre to create an edible food forest for guests to enjoy. 

Supporting Community Health

Chef Justine Ma has prioritized the well-being of the Big Island community by educating locals, residents, and visitors about healthy, sustainable ingredients. She is an ambassador for the Hawaii Ulu Co-op and volunteers regularly to help local small business thrive for the betterment of their lives and fostering a culture of wellness.


Interested in cooking appearances, brand collaborations or product partnerships? 

Chef Justine offers a 100% Farm to Table experience that prioritizes sustainability, flavor, and social responsibility. She curates dinner parties for health & lifestyle brands, establishes wellness programs for major corporations, and demo's simple how-to garden meals for local schools. Her authentic approach to true farm to table cuisine is reshaping the future of food and offers a dining experience that is both conscientious and delightful. 

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